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a 501(c)3 non-profit organizaion

As brothers, we grew up playing sports like basketball, baseball, and soccer in school, at our local recreation center, and on club teams. We constantly talked sports and learned all we could about our favorite players on professional teams. We learned more than just the skills of the games; we learned life lessons about sportsmanship, hard work, commitment, and teamwork. 

Driving past a schoolyard one day we noticed kids sitting on benches or standing around, without any sports equipment or activity in sight. 

We wondered why, and thought it was sad. We decided we wanted to share our love of sports with other kids who didn’t have the same opportunities that we did growing up.

We started fundraising and got our friends, family, and school community involved. We started the non-profit, Hoops with Heart, as a way of bringing more sports equipment to Los Angeles after-school programs and pairing our donations with mentorship by high school student athletes.

Today we’ve helped get over 8,000 kids off benches and onto courts and fields, becoming physically active and loving it. We’ve donated over $15,000 of sports equipment to under-funded programs. We’re most proud to have been able to provide mentorship and sports clinics by athletes who inspire the kids and teach them to pursue their dreams.

We hope you’ll help us make an even greater impact by considering a donation to Hoops with Heart!

Thank you!

Daniel & Ben Messinger